Chapter One Came to Town

Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Well Ross the Boss arrived in Dungarvan and my goodness, did he do the business.  Paul said, of all the courses that have taken place in the cookery school so far, this was the best!  The food was exceptional, the skill second to none, and the looks only surpassed by Paul’s own fair features!!!

Today is Tuesday and I think people are still talking about the warm chocolate mousse, three days later!  This can also be found on Chapter One’s menu and is there anyone left in Ireland who (a) doesnt know Chapter One and its superb hospitality and (b) hasn’t been there.



This is Rachel

This is Rachel


This is Rachel – chances are if you have been on a course in the Tannery Cookery School, you will have bumped into her!!  Rachel is now getting stars for the best attendance!


One Response to Chapter One Came to Town

  1. Rachel says:

    I am sure everyone agrees it was a fantastic day, many thanks to Ross & Paul. Happy days – I finally made a perfect Risotto ! Next stop – warm, chocolate mousse 🙂

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