King Richard

Mr CI love you Richard!!!
Picture 006Picture 007 

Memories are made of this.  What a night!!  Richard flew his head chef from Lindsay House in for the preparation of the feast (prep took two whole days).  Then Richard himself arrived like a maelstrom.  He was the boss and we were the boys.  Oysters with a sublime Vietamenese dressing, creamy cauliflower soup with Helvick shrimp and almonds, lamb’s sweetbreads, kidneys and liver served with buttermilk shoulder of lamb – simple food said Richard – by God, there was nothing simple about it.  A quivering elderflower jelly with summer berries to follow and the rest of the memories remain precious to the lucky few.  Thank you Richard!


One Response to King Richard

  1. Catherine & Emmet Neylan says:

    Thanks to Richard, Paul, Andy and Máire for a fantastic night last Friday. Great food, great company. We couldn’t recommend the evening enough. Hope to repeat the experience shortly, minus the sore heads the morning after.

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