Kathryn Thomas No Frontiers visits The Tannery

Very exciting night last night for the gentlemen in the Tannery when Kathryn Thomas visited to film The Tannery Cookery School for No Frontiers show.  Paul and the lovely Kathryn!Not my greatest piece of photography ever but think you will agree, the lady is lovely!!


One Response to Kathryn Thomas No Frontiers visits The Tannery

  1. Eric O'Riordan says:

    I really enjoyed the “King of the Kitchen” course today, best Christmas Present in ages!

    Even now I can smell ingredients, loved it! I must go to the bread couse with Eunice Power, I’m trying to make a good white yeast bread with Nine months now!

    Today was a revelation as to what can be done with good basics and a “little” butter.

    I have a bread starter (Poolish) in the fridge now, Monkfish and Prawns wanting to be a Bouillabaise, no Saffron and an idea where to buy Fennel of a Sunday 😉

    Much thanks to Steve and Julie (Julia?) for all their help Alll Day, and of course to Paul for sharing all, even his secret recipe for mashed potatoes.

    My Son is Five, he tells me Paul’s mash is like “God’s Clouds”. Not our clouds mind, the one’s God would look up at.

    Enough waffle from me, if your thinking of doinf a course on cooking this is the one! I’ve tasted things today I never thought I would, and cooked some of them myself. Good hearty, fairly simple food, ideal enthusiastic amateur cooking!

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