Blogging Takes Time!!!!

March 30, 2010

I havent updated this blog for so long!  When I first started, I was really into it but now I am wondering if anyone actually reads these things.  Myself, I find other peoples musings on blogs completely boring and also I imagine these bloggers to be nerdy people, hiding behind computers!  Also, we have been pretty busy around here since Christmas so I havent had time to be blogging.  Its interesting that the last post I put up was when No Frontiers came to the Tannery to film.  That episode with ourselves and the Cliff House in Ardmore aired on Sunday 17th January and it was like someone turned on a tap.  We had broken up for our winter break that day but actually someone had to come back into the office here every day during our hols to man the phones.  It was such a  great help for our business.  So now we are on almost the last day of March and things are pretty ok.  The cookery school has been bombing along since Jan and this weekend, Paul has his first Saturday off this year!  We were in Cork last Wed night for the Sunday Independent Life Magazine Awards with the Restaurant Association of Ireland and picked up three gongs, best Restaurant in Co Waterford, best Chef in Co Waterford and best Customer Service in Co Waterford.  So we are up to Dublin on 9th June for the national awards.  Dont think will do hair same way for that!!!!