Whats been happening here the last few months

The last few months have passed by here in a bit of a blur.  The summer was really great.  We were very busy.  The restaurant hummed away and the cookery school looked after itself.  The garden supplied tomatoes it seems to the whole of County Waterford.  Then September came, Dan Shanahan retired, children went back to school and there was more bad news from the banks.  This year though, it seems like we are ready for the winter.  The likes of David McWilliams and Shane Ross no longer strike fear into my heart.  In fact they just annoy me now.  Like everyone else in the country we have to just get on with things and sitting around moaning about the state of the country is not going to pay our staff.  So we have a few things up our sleeve for this Autumn.  One of them is with our friends in the Cliff House Hotel, Ardmore and O’Brien’s Chophouse in Lismore.  Its an update on the West Waterford Weekend which was so successful for us.  This time its three chefs, three restaurants, three nights and on 18th November, the first dinner is in the Tannery with Martijn Kaujiter from Cliff House cooking with Paul.  25th November sees Paul in the Cliff House – I am definitely going to that one myself and in December, Paul will be going out to O’Briens Chophouse in Lismore for the last in the series.  The price is €55 per person but if you book all three is €150


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